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I am very inquisitive(nosey)... I ask a lot of questions to attempt to know people... I am very confident... not concieted, I am very verysacarstic... im not rude.... just sacarstic, and dry humor. "NO LESBIANS PLEASE...IM STRICTLY INTO MEN ONLY'
HighSchool: Hollywood High School
Music: old skool soul, R& B; Dance hall regae; some rap; some country; some classic rock; some 80's music....(alittle bit of everything)
TV: CSI series; NCIS; Medium; all the super heroes animations & cartoons; Hero; CNN news; ESPN(all); True Blood; Real Time with Bill Maher; John Stewart show.
Books: Steve Harvey's Book
Interests: I am interested in working out, making life long friends, being true to myself....
Movies: "Something New",All the "Borne" series; all the "Harry Porter"; (Basically any thing with Action, some comedy, some martial arts movies)
BestFeatures: My Eyes; and smile....oh by the way I legs(so I have been told.... having my own teeth helps too.
Dreams: My dream is world peace; To one day get that one person that will take the time to get to know me for me; have patience; Get married one day; for people to know the difference between confidence & arrogance.

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